The rat race

Rat race



You got to show up so that you may live up.
So you think as the master gives a wink.

Faces change but it never ceases to cringe.
Selling your body, mind and soul.

Like ants that never break the line.
You keep yourselves busy as you whine.

I’m grateful for the amusement
As I take off to my heart’s contentment.

The Trail

The trail lives.

The trail is ageless.

But does it count, I don’t know.


The breezes of my words,

The storms of my blues,

The seasons of my actions.


Let there be no more of counting,

Let the trail of ink be pure,

Let me redeem myself.


Like the kid, impervious to pain,

Until a caring eye sees him fall.

Like the kid, feigning sleep,

eluding the watchful gaze.

Oblivious to attention,

seeking every bit of it.


Like the mighty oak, upright and proud,

only to kiss the ground after the storm,

smiling at the still swaying grass, elegant and meek.


Always fearing the inner demons,

not apparently, obviously.

Humouring, lacking traces of humour,

playing both the prey and the feeder.

Foot steps on the fringes of shadows,

coming in and out, with a cat’s dexterity.


Covering under the bed,

conveniently forgetting the seat at the table top.

Where it could have burned, lighting the room, dying slowly.


Let there be no more lies,

for there is nothing as such.

Only scenarios.

Dictated by time and place

and the other few hundreds of them,

scrutinized by unilateral hoaxed logic.


Let the sight be not masked,

with holy fumes of rituals and regimes.

Let the waters be calm,

baring itself naked, reflecting a part of you.

Let me redeem myself.

My trails ends here, ours begin.

to start with

Sitting back and watching the lazy dusk give way to the unending possibilities of the dark I just couldn’t call this another “unproductive” sulky day. Solution-

Here goes my thoughts aka.  blog!!

One and half years back, on one of the most serene evening of my life, there is this few lines I wrote on a scrap of paper,  still lying around on my table,  which is still a surprise being the infamously careless and absent-minded ( which I have convinced myself is a handy workaround to blather ) person I’m . I have no clue what I’m going to write about later on. Everything I have to say to start with,the scrap of paper does succinctly.

“long trodden paths..wayward paths..
one step are lost..
How am I here!!.
not my might nor my fight..least my plight..
fate or distorted random events guided me here..
in this heaven..
where individuality is the deity..”